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Pre-Sales FAQs

Check out our frequently asked questions below, then email us!

Yes. We offer two options when it comes to installing the app and publishing the app on the app stores:
  1. Follow our documentation on how to brand, install, and deploy your application. The documentation has been created with you in mind, using clearly outlined steps and imagery for maximum clarity.
  2. You purchase our Installation Service Package. For more information on what's included in the service package, follow this link.
Yes. Currently, the app is sold for a one-time-only fee. While we may change our pricing model in the future, such changes will not affect customers who have purchased the app with its current one-time-only receive-all-future-updates-for-free pricing model.
Yes. The app makes sure to display your site's posts and pages exactly as they would in a mobile web browser like Chrome or Safari. As long as your site has been optimised for mobile visitors, your page styling, content and experience is exactly as you would expect.
No. Your only other expense will be the cost of launching your app to the Apple App Store (Apple developer) ($99 / yr) and Android App Store ($25 one-time-only).
Yes. If you purchase the Installation Service Package, installing, deploying and publishing of your app will be entirely taken out of your hands by us. For more information on what is (and what is not) included in the service package, follow this link
If your site is a Wordpress site, yes. The app accesses Wordpress post data from the Wordpress REST API, which is automatically activated for all Wordpress sites. The only other two things that important for the app are:
  • Featured images must be set for the app to display your post's main image views.
  • Either post categories or tags must be used to categorise your posts in order for suggested posts to be displayed in the app.
All other app features are included with the purchase and installation of the app.
The customising of your app as well as the installation and deployment to the app stores can be completed within less than a week if we have all the information we need from you.
Yes. Email us at with your custom feature request and we will get back to you with a proposal regarding the implementation of your requested feature.

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